Smartwatch: Facebook vs. Apple? What’s next in Health Tech War?

The competition in Watch and Health Care Tech is intensifying. Even Facebook is potentially building a smartwatch! Apple is dominating the smartwatch market. It is also expanding to wider health care markets and try to know everything about you!

  1. Facebook Watch

Facebook is allegedly building a smartwatch it hopes to start selling in 2022. The watch will let wearers send messages using Facebook’s services and also offer health and fitness features. (Apple Insider, The Information, CN Beta)

2. Apple Watch: >100M consumers, growing 10 times in 5 years.

More than 100M people globally now own an Apple Watch, an adoption milestone Apple surpassed Dec 2020, according to estimated figures compiled by Above Avalon’s Neil Cybart. It took 5.5 years for the Apple Watch installed base to surpass 100M people. (Mac Rumors, Above Avalon)

3. Apple new health care tech:

Building on existing systems that monitor sleep through placing a sensor on top of the mattress, Apple is researching how to get more data and do so with less discomfort for the sleeper. As well as Apple’s acquisition of Beddit for its technology, the company has been persistently pursuing new methods of tracking sleep as part of its health features. Two newly-revealed patent applications suggest that it is particularly focusing on devices that can be laid upon a bed, yet not disturb the sleep they are intended to monitor. (Apple Insider, UPSTO, CN Beta)

A series of new patent applications backs up recent claims that Apple will introduce the ability for a future Apple Watch to monitor glucose using terahertz electromagnetic radiation without the need to draw blood. A series of four related new patent applications have been revealed, which together show Apple’s latest proposal for such a system in Apple Watch. (Apple Insider, USPTO, CN Beta)