Semiconductor: 6.5% 2011–21 CAGR

With global unit shipment growth rates of cellphones, automobiles, and PCs showing maturity and slowing over the past 10 years, the disparity between the 3.5% 2011–2021 CAGR registered in the electronic systems market and 6.5% 2011–2021 CAGR displayed by the semiconductor market is directly due to the increasing content/value of semiconductors in electronic systems, according to IC Insights. The first year on record that showed an increase in semiconductor content in electronic systems during a year when the semiconductor market declined was 2009. This situation repeated itself once again in 2015. The total semiconductor market declined by 1% but the semiconductor content figure rose from 24.5% in 2014 to 24.8% in 2015. Until 2017, 2010 was the all-time high for semiconductor content in electronic systems at 25.9%. That mark was easily surpassed in 2017 with a 28.9% figure. (Laoyaoba, IC Insights)

Global fab equipment spending for front end facilities is expected to rise 10% YoY in 2022 to a new all-time high of over USD98B, marking a third consecutive year of growth, according to SEMI. SEMI logoThe fab equipment spending increase in 2022 would follow a 39% jump in 2021 and 17% in 2020. The industry last saw 3 consecutive years of growth from 2016 to 2018, more than 20 years after logging a three-year run in the mid-1990s. (Laoyaoba, SEMI, SEMI, Yahoo)



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