Photonics: Apple and Xiaomi File Patents for Mobile Camera and Glass

Apple has filed a patent titled “Periscopic Camera Module” that features two light folding elements and a lens system located between these two elements. Furthermore, the lens system itself may be independent from the light folding elements and it may also include an aperture stop and lens element with a refractive power mounted in a lens barrel. (Gizmo China, Patently Apple)

Xiaomi has filed a patent that features a phone with a detachable rear camera. The patent shows the rear camera module with multiple lenses that can be removed from and assembled on the top to use it as a front camera. It uses magnetic suspension for attaching. (Phone Arena, My Drivers, 91Mobiles)

Xiaomi has filed a patent for “a smart glasses and glasses case”. The patented smart glasses and glasses case can integrate detection and treatment. The patent also suggests that the product emits some therapeutic signals which include phototherapy signals (ultraviolet signals, visible light signals, infrared signals, and laser signals) and sound wave signals, that can be used to treat brain diseases, mental diseases (for example, depression or anxiety), or eye fatigue. (Gizmo China, GizChina, Sohu, IT Home)



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