Notable Photonic Quantum Computing Companies


Xanadu Quantum Technologies is a Canadian technology company and a leading photonic quantum computing hardware provider.

Photonic Quantum Computing Company

Founded in 2016 by CEO Christian Weedbrook, Xanadu’s mission is to build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere. To achieve this mission, the company has taken a full-stack approach and builds hardware, software, and pursues state-of-the-art research with select partners.

Today, enterprises and researchers can begin using Xanadu’s photonic quantum computers through the Xanadu Quantum Cloud (XQC) service and Strawberry Fields application library.

The company is also advancing the field of quantum machine learning (QML) through the development of PennyLane, an open-source project that has become a leading software library among quantum researchers and developers.


London-based ORCA Computing was set up by experienced scientists and entrepreneurs based on research from Professor Ian Walmsley’s Ultra-fast and Non-linear Quantum Optics Group at the University of Oxford (UK). Within the group, Ian Walmsley, Josh Nunn, and Kris Kaczmarek identified that “short-term” quantum memories could synchronize photonic operations and enable truly scalable quantum computing.

Photonics Quantum Computing Company ORCA Computing

ORCA solves this redundancy problem using the ORCA quantum memory, opening up the promise of quantum photonics without the significant trade-offs of existing approaches.

Based in London, ORCA was founded in 2019 by Ian Walmsley, Richard Murray, Josh Nunn, and Cristina Escoda. We interviewed Richard Murray here.


Made up of a team of quantum physicists, semiconductor, systems, and software engineers, system architects, and more, PsiQuantum is focused on building the world’s first useful quantum computer by taking the photonic approach as they believe in its technical advantages at the scale required for error correction. They attracted headlines with their focus on a 1m qubit quantum computer.

Photonics Computing Company Logo Psi Quantum

Founded in 2015 by Jeremy O’Brien, Terry Rudolph, Pete Shadbolt, and Mark Thompson, PsiQuantum is based in the heart of technological innovation, Silicon Valley. You can listen to Pete Shadbolt in our documentary here.


TundraSystems Global is a Cardiff, Wales-based Photonic Quantum Computing company founded in 2014 by Brian Antao to build from the ground up the many developments from different academic sources such as the University of Bristol, MIT, the UK Quantum Technology Hubs etc. in computational solutions in an all-optical regime using quantum mechanics’ fundamental base.

photonic quantum computing Tundra Systems Logo

Its ultimate mission is to design and deliver new quantum technology solutions. The first phase of development is to develop Tundra Quantum Photonics Technology library. This forms part of Tundra System’s strategy, in its quest to develop a complete Quantum Photonics Microprocessor the TundraProcessor. This library should also facilitate the development of the eco-system of Photonic Integrated Circuits to enable the building of complete HPC Systems surrounding the TundraProcessor.


Quandela is a startup focused on the fabrication of performing devices for research in photonics quantum computing and quantum information.

quantum computing company logo quandela

It fabricates unique solid-state sources of quantum light. These sources are used to develop a new generation of Quantum computers based on the manipulation of light.

This Paris-based photonics startup was founded in 2017 by Niccolo Somaschi, Pascale Senellart and Valerian Giesz.


QuiX Quantum is a photonic quantum computing startup, located in Enschede, the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2019 by Dr. Hans van den Vlekkert, a veteran of the industry and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Jelmer Renema, an expert in photonic quantum computing, and a team of professors from the University of Twente.

Photonic quantum computing quix quantum

Consisting of a team of quantum-photonics engineers, some with a background in integrated photonics and some in quantum technologies, QuiX’s goal is the continued disruption of quantum computing with our high-tech, scalable, future-proof, plug-and-play integrated photonic solutions.

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