Mobile: +50% usage in 2020 and 5G price reduces fast.

Coronavirus is affecting the routines and habits of people and how businesses serve those communities around the world, changing everything from the day-to-day lives of individuals to global supply chains. The COVID-19 outbreak is also affecting digital and device behaviour. Mobile phone data usage in the US increased over 50% in Mar 2020, compared to 2019. (Facebook report)

UBS has examined 5G smartphone costs in details. Their conclusion was more positive on 5G sub-6GHz smartphones’ cost-down and volume outlook. UBS thinks a better cost reduction curve for 5G sub-6GHz smartphones will gradually help alleviate some of the BOM cost burden, which should refuel the overall camera upgrades to gather pace again from 2H21 / 1H22 for Android smartphones. (UBS report)



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