LiDAR Videos: market, SPAD and etc

PhotonicsNXT Fall Summit keynote discusses automotive lidar

How Lidar Is Powering Automated Driving This keynote session by Pierrick Boulay of Yole Developpement at the PhotonicsNXT Fall Summit held on October 28, 2021 provides an overview of the lidar ecosystem and shows how lidar is being used within the auto industry for ranging and imaging.

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Single Photon Sources and Detectors

The power hidden in one single photon is unprecedented. But we need to find ways to harness that power. This meeting will discuss cutting-edge technologies paving the way for versatile and efficient pure single-photon sources and detection schemes with low dark count rates, high saturation levels, and high detection efficiencies. This meeting will gather the key players in the photonic industry pushing the development of these technologies towards commercializing products that harness the intrinsic properties of photons.

IEEE CICC 2022 best paper candidates present their work

Solid-State dToF LiDAR System Using an Eight-Channel Addressable, 20W/Ch Transmitter, and a 128x128 SPAD Receiver with SNR-Based Pixel Binning and Resolution UpscalingShenglong Zhuo, Lei Zhao,Tao Xia, Lei Wang, Shi Shi, Yifan Wu, Chang Liu, et al.Fudan University, PhotonIC Technologies, Southern Univ. of S&T
A 93.7%-Efficiency 5-Ratio Switched-Photovoltaic DC-DC ConverterSandeep Reddy Kukunuru,Yashar Naeimi, Loai SalemUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
A 23–37GHz Autonomous Two-Dimensional MIMO Receiver Array with Rapid Full-FoV Spatial Filtering for Unknown Interference SuppressionBoce Lin, Tzu-Yuan Huang,Amr Ahmed, Min-Yu Huang, Hua WangGeorgia Institute of Technology