LiDAR Race: Elmos, Ommatidia, Intel, Valeo, Scantinel vs. Luminar …


Lidar race is getting even hotter. Many more players are showing up with various approaches. An overview of the market, technologies, IP, and companies and news updates from players are presented here.

Elmos presents its solutions for LiDAR, including laser driver and SPAD imager:

Elmos 2019 presentation shows the company’s SPAD sensor:

Ommatidia presents its lightfield sensor for high-resolution long-range 3D imaging:

EPIC meeting on LiDAR applications features a presentation about Intel FMCW LiDAR:

Valeo presents its short range wide VFoV AMCW LiDAR:

Scantinel presents its prototype FMCW product:

Luminar announces a strategic partnership with SAIC Motor, the largest automaker in China. Luminar is set to power the autonomous capabilities and advanced safety features in SAIC’s new R brand vehicles for series production. The R brand program is expected to begin series production with Luminar starting in 2022, with the parties’ longer-term goal being widespread standardization across all vehicle lines.