LiDAR: China vs. US vs. EU

According to Yole Intelligence, with a strong emergence of the intelligent driving industry in China, Chinese manufacturers such as Hesai have become important players in the global LiDAR market. Among the LiDAR manufacturers, Hesai ranks first in ADAS design wins, L4 autonomous driving LiDAR market share, and total revenue for automotive LiDAR. With 27% of the existing design wins, Hesai now ranks first in the global ADAS market. Designed for ADAS applications in mass production passenger and commercial vehicles, Hesai’s AT128 is an automotive grade, long-range hybrid solid-state LiDAR. The sensor has already won multiple contracts from world’s leading automakers, officially disclosed partners including Li Auto, JiDU, HiPhi, and Lotus. AT128 will be installed on various car models, and it has already entered the mass production and delivery stage in 2022. Comparing to 2020, L4 autonomous driving LiDAR market had an 11% increase in 2021, reaching USD120M. The total market size of LiDAR for automotive and industrial applications in 2021 reached USD2.1B in 2021, an 18% increase compared to total market size in 2021. (Laoyaoba, Yole Group, PRN Asia, PR Newswire)

Xiaomi has identified Hesai Technology as the lidar supplier for its first car, which will come at a price exceeding CNY300,000 (USD43,460). The lidar firm for autonomous driving and ADAS has previously received investment from Xiaomi. Xiaomi‘s first vehicle will adopt Hesai’s hybrid solid-state lidar AT128 as the main lidar installation, while several all-solid-state lidars will be used as supplementary sensors.(CN Beta, Weibo, Wallstreet CN, 163, Auto News, Pandaily)



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