Lidar: >$556B in 2026

Lidar ranging methods can be divided into Time of Flight (ToF) and FMCW ranging methods based on coherent detection, and triangulation ranging methods. ToF and FMCW can achieve remote measurement under outdoor sunlight. Range (100~250 meters) is the preferred solution for vehicle-mounted lidar. ToF is the mainstream solution for vehicle-mounted mid- and long-range lidar in the current market. In the future, as the FMCW lidar machine and the upstream industry chain mature, ToF and FMCW lidar are expected to coexist in the market. (Cinda Securities report)

According to AMR, the global market of self-driving technology lidar will reach USD556.67B in 2026, which is a compound annual growth rate of 39.47% compared to 2019. According to Sullivan’s predictions, driven by the expansion of the self-driving vehicles, the increase in the penetration rate of lidar in ADAS, and the demand for service robots and smart transportation construction, the overall lidar market is expected to show a rapid development trend by 2025. The annual global market size was USD13.54B, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 64.5% compared to 2019. (Cinda Securities report)

Apple is reportedly in active talks with multiple LiDAR sensor suppliers for the laser-based sensors, which could allow an autonomous vehicle to see its surroundings. Apple is looking at obtaining LiDAR technology that would be considered cutting edge 4–5 years from now. That is another indication of the company’s planned release timeline for autonomous vehicle technology. (CN Beta, Bloomberg, Apple Insider)



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