LiDAR/3D and Event Imaging: The Focus of 2020 Acquisitions & IPOs in Imaging

1. M&A

As 2020 nears its end, there was a number of image sensor companies acquisitions:

Lidar/3D :

  1. TE Connectivity acquired First Sensor (SPADs, APDs, InGaAs, and p-i-n photodiodes)
  2. LeddarTech acquired VayaVision (sensor fusion and perception software for LiDARs)
  3. Allegro acquired Voxtel (LiDARs)
  4. Seegrid acquired Box Robotics (LiDARs)
  5. ams acquires Osram (adds laser and LED products to complete 3D sensing portfolio)


  1. Smartsens acquired Allchip (automotive image sensors)

Event Imaging: Automotive is a key application.

  1. Sony acquired Insightness (event-driven sensors)
  2. Celepixel was acquired by Will Semiconductor (event-driven sensors)

Others: non-automotive related

  1. Teledyne buys FLIR (Imaging)
  2. Nordson acquired vivaMOS (X-Ray sensors)
  3. GE Health acquired Prismatic Sensors (X-Ray sensors)
  4. Goodix acquired Dreamchip (digital design services team)
  5. Nuvoton acquired Panasonic semiconductor business (including image sensor and stake in TPSCo fab)
  6. Jenoptik acquired Trioptics (camera module test and measurement equipment)

2. IPO

There was a number of IPO announcements, although not all of the deals are closed till the end of the year:


  1. Velodyne (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  2. Luminar (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  3. Aeva (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  4. Innoviz (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  5. Ouster (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)

Others: Mobile

  1. Galaxycore (mobile sensors)