Imaging CIS Market: Sony vs. ON

Sony Sales drops while On Sales increases.

1. Sony Reports 10% CIS Sales Drop, Rises Full Year Forecast

Sony reports its quarterly results and updates forecast for its fiscal year ending on March 31. The quarterly CIS sales dropped by 10% due to the lower mobile phone sensor sales and cheaper product mix. However, the forecast for the full year has been revised upward due to resumption of sales to Huawei that were stopped in September 2020. So, the full fiscal year sales are expected to drop by only 5%:

2. ON Semi reports its Q4 2020 results with image sensor sales showing about 4.3% growth over the same quarter in 2019:

Update: SeekingAlpha publishes ON Semi earning call transcript featuring the company’s new CEO Hassane El-Khoury. Few quotes on imaging business:

“Our design win funnel continues to expand. We won ADAS and viewing sockets on many of the recently announced platforms. We also secured a win for our LiDAR products with a European automotive OEM. We expect this win to ramp later this year. Another significant design during the fourth quarter was with a major tier 1 for our sensor module which features a lens integrated in a sensor pocket package for in-vehicle experience application.

We are seeing strong traction for machine vision factory automation applications with our exit XGS family of image sensors.