Human Presence Sensing Using ToF

Human Presence Sensing Using Low Cost ToF is becoming a new trend. One of the first patents by ST was granted in 2019. Apple also has filed similar concept in 2021.

The most cent product is from Lenovo and ST. In 2022 Aug, ST announce that its latest FlightSense Time-of-Flight (ToF) multi-zone sensors continuously scan their field of view to map the scene and gather intelligence without using a camera or recording images. By using ToF technology, the sensors can detect and track multiple targets, calculating at high speed their X/Y/Z coordinates and motion. The latest VL53L5CP FlightSense multi-zone sensor can detect multiple targets in 64 (8×8) zones within a wide 61-degree field of view. The sensor comes with Presence Premium PLUS, ST’s proprietary third generation of algorithms dedicated to PC applications, supporting its advanced and innovative features and enhancing data protection. Interacting with native aspects of the PC hardware and OS, this turnkey solution is certified at the highest level by Intel. Lenovo is integrating ST’s presence solution in select laptops.(Laoyaoba, Sohu, CTimes, EE Times)

Presence sensor registers more subtle actions and will identify if you’re still in the room. A motion sensor is perfect to detect significant walking movements.,preset%20lighting%20thresholds%20are%20reached.



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