Metalens: Flat Lens are coming

Techcrunch: Metalenz raises $10M in series A investment to productize flat lens for camera module. “ We’re really using all standard semiconductor processes and materials here, the exact same equipment — but with lenses instead of electronics,” said Rob Devlin, the company’s founder and CEO. “ We can already make a million lenses a day with our foundry partners.

BusinessKorea, AjuDaily, AdvancedOpticalMaterials: KAIST too develops a flat lens for use in lightfield cameras. “ In the camera developed by the team, the light absorbing layer of nano thickness is inserted between microlens arrays to result in contrast and resolution enhancement. The layer is a metal-dielectric-metal thin film with a thickness of 200 nm and the team reduced the gap between the objective lens and the microlens to make the camera extremely thin.



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