Camera: Facial Recognition is Everywhere!

With FaceID and more facial recognition camera technologies, our life becomes more convenient but at the same times such technology creates some concerns such as privacy. Here are some interesting news updates on “Facial Recognition Cameras”:

  1. Chinese university says new classroom facial recognition system will improve attendance South China Morning Post: Phoebe Zhang 2:12pm, 2 Sep, 2019:
  • Two classrooms on Nanjing campus were chosen for pilot project
  • Camera automatically captures students’ faces without their cooperation

2. Panasonic will be providing additional automated facial recognition gates in airports in Japan Panasonic Aug 30, 2019 Osaka, Japan — Panasonic Corporation announced that it will be providing additional automated facial recognition gates for use at an expanded number of airports in Japan and also for newly expanded use in departure procedures for foreign travelers. The additional order will bring the total number of automated gates to 203 units across the country (123 units to be used for foreign nationals).

Panasonic automated facial recognition gates at immigration examination area in
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Building (South Wing)

3. Hong Kong protesters using lasers to disrupt government facial-recognition cameras BusinessInsider Bill Bostock Aug. 1, 2019, 8:51 AM:

Protesters in Hong Kong point lasers at cameras and police officers on July 21. Now TV

  • A video shows Hong Kong protesters shining lasers into facial-recognition cameras in an apparent attempt to blind them.
  • The video, broadcast by Hong Kong’s Now TV, shows people shining laser pens at cameras, Hong Kong police officers, and government buildings.