Computer: How Notebook Achieved 54% YoY growth in 4Q20?!

According to Strategy Analytics, as remote working and e-learning continues worldwide, demand for Notebook PCs was at its highest ever in 4Q20, driving 54% YoY growth for notebook shipments, reaching 69.7M units. (Strategy Analytics, CN Beta)

Worldwide tablet shipments climbed to a 13-quarter high of 51.56M units in 4Q20, according to Digitimes Research. However, shipments will fall 31% sequentially in 1Q21. Worldwide tablet shipments in 4Q20 increased 17.6% sequentially and 19.3% on year thanks to seasonal factors and rising demand from stay-at-home activities amid the coronavirus outbreak. Tablet brands also accelerated their shipment paces in 4Q20 amid concerns of worsening shortages of IT chips in 1H21. (Gizmo China, Digitimes, press, Digitimes)



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