Camera: Samsung Increases CIS Capacity and Aims to Lead Automotive CIS

Considering the CMOS image sensor (CIS) conversion from old DRAM at Samsung by 30–50k wpm capacity, real capex will show a slight YoY decline even in 2021 if there is no additional capex implementation during 2H21. UBS assumes DRAM capacity will show around 4% YoY growth in 4Q21. Overall, DRAM makers’ capex policies still look to be conservative and capital intensity of DRAM industry will likely hover in a 19–23% range during 2020–2022, which would be below the 10-year average of 25%. There is about a 6-month lead time between capex implementation and output increase. (HSBC report)

PulseNews reports that, currently, Samsung market share in automotive image sensors is only 2%, after ON Semi, Omnivision, and Sony. Samsung intends to increase it and take a lead in automotive sensors.



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