Camera: Camera Behind Display Coming

Xiaomi has patented a unique pop-up camera module, which can be used to capture both regular and selfie pictures / videos, titled “Electronic device and concealed camera”. The camera module uses an adjustable reflective mirror to capture and record videos. Due to the versatility of the reflective mirror with a help of a motor, the same camera sensors can be used to click both standard and selfie images / videos. (Gizmo China, LetsGoDigital)

According to a well-known blogger, Digital Chat Station, the under-screen camera panel has matured and will be shipped on a large scale in the second half of the year. He also revealed that Visionox, which has been working hard on flexible screens, has already shipped. Other domestic companies with mass production strength include Huaxing and BOE, which can be shipped in the first half of this year, but proactive phones under the screen tend to be small-scale mass production in the first half of this year.

In fact, as early as last year, ZTE first mass-produced the Tianji Axon 20 5G equipped with an under-screen camera, but because the effect was not good and only equipped with a mid-range processor, the market performance was not satisfactory.

According to previously exposed news, Xiaomi is very likely to launch a new mass-produced under-screen camera in the second half of the year.

Xiaomi officials have introduced that they have achieved the mass production stage of the third-generation under-screen camera technology as early as August last year, and will be officially mass-produced this year.

Side News: Either Xiaomi or OPPO is allegedly close to entering into a cooperation agreement with Hasselblad, a Swedish manufacturer of medium format cameras and photographic equipment. (CN Beta, Sohu, Aroged)