Biometrics: Fingerprint and Payment Card; >USD500M for fingerprint sensors by 2026E

1. Fingerprint

UBS’ base case suggests biometric payment cards total addressable market value of (1) >USD5B incremental revenues for banks globally per annual by 2026 “only” 15% biometric penetration in 2026. This excludes any savings from frauds; (2) USD2.3B market for card manufacturers; (3) >USD500M for fingerprint sensors. (UBS report)

In the past UBS estimated it to be USD10–15, which was too high for mass volumes (vs premium card around USD2–4 and standard less than USD2). In 2020, the architecture of the card changed with a simplification leading to a total cost below USD6 in their estimates (vs premium today USD2–4). (UBS report)

2. Master Card and Samsung

Samsung System LSI Business, Mastercard, Samsung Card, have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a biometric card that features a built-in fingerprint scanner to authorize transactions securely at in-store payment terminals. The biometric cards will adopt a new security chipset from Samsung LSI that integrates several key discrete chips, streamlining the overall component design and enabling more efficient development.

三星电子和万事达卡合作开发了一款内置指纹读取器的生物扫描银行支付卡。三星表示,这些卡“将采用三星系统LSI业务的新安全芯片组,该芯片组集成了几个关键的离散芯片”,其目的是提高安全性,指纹扫描直接在卡上进行,而不是销售方的POS设备。不过,该卡与万事达卡的认证技术兼容,可以在万事达卡芯片或POS终端上使用。(Engadget, Business Wire,CNBeta)