Basics of Program Management in numbers and Pictures

10 basics for a PM are:

  1. scope: what in scope and what not.
  2. cost: budget and bill of material cost
  3. schedule: milestone, start, and end. Often most important KPI for PM
  4. resources: the most important is the human resource but also includes tools
  5. risks: the key for being the better PM.
  6. quality: link with the scope closely. “Don’t ship junk”
  7. communication: PM shall spend more than half your time in this. Sync and align.
  8. procurement: leverage the ecosystem and don’t reinvent the wheel.
  9. stakeholder management: find out who they are and influence them without power.
  10. integration: put all together, find the balance and do the trade-off.

9 Steps of Program development (ref. PMI)



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