AR: Apple’s first AR/MR Headset will Launch in Q1 2022

Taiwan’s Supply Chain being the Winner

A new rumor from China Times business segment states that JPMorgan Chase Securities Technology Industry Analyst Yang Weilun is predicting that Apple may release headset products equipped with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in the first quarter of 2022.

Most of the components will be ready by Q4 2021 with shipments of the device starting sometime in Q1 2022 with TSMC and Largan having entered Apple’s head-mounted device supply chain.

More specifically, TSMC will provide application processors, Largan and Jin Guoguang for camera lenses, Yujingguang and Yangmingguang for VR lenses, Pegatron for assembly, and panel stickers. Combined GIS-KY.

JPMorgan Chase notes that the main specifications of Apple’s new products are equipped with six lenses and an optical radar (LiDAR) scanner device (ToF) that is able to sense the user’s location and enhance the user’s experience when playing VR and AR content.

For more on this, read the full China Times report.

While the hardware is important to be sure, here’s to hoping that Apple, whenever they release their MR headset, will deliver it with a couple of exclusive video games and superior software features.

Patently Apple’s HMD & Smartglasses archive holds in excess of 175 patents showing the evolution of Apple’s project.

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Marc. Y. , Tech Leader. Passionate about Cool Techs such as Sensing/AIoT and Tech Management. More at

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For Sensing/AIoT Tech and More

For Sensing/AIoT Tech and More

Marc. Y. , Tech Leader. Passionate about Cool Techs such as Sensing/AIoT and Tech Management. More at

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