Apple Car, GM CarBravo and more

Apple reportedly visited South Korea in Dec 2021 to meet with companies Interested in an electronic parts manufacturers with experience in mass production. Some companies have formed a ‘Task Force’ and are actively responding. The domestic parts industry has started a war to enter the supply chain management (SCM) of Apple’s self-driving electric vehicle ‘Apple Car’. Apple is expected to complete the selection of an Apple Car supplier within 2022, and start its full-scale development. Apple is highly interested in South Korean companies in the field of its core parts. (Phone Arena, Apple Insider, ET News)

General Motors (GM) has introduced CarBravo, a new way to shop for used vehicles. CarBravo will elevate the shopping, buying and ownership experience by offering used-vehicle customers access to an expansive inventory, an omnichannel shopping experience and exclusive ownership benefits. CarBravo will also deliver a seamless customer experience through GM’s new digital retail platform (DRP).(The Verge, General Motors)

The startup EVage already has 5 EV trucks on the road for a range of e-commerce customers, including Amazon India’s Delivery Service Partner, with plans to provide “in the thousands” more to Amazon by the end of 2022. EVage just raised a USD28M seed round, led by new U.S.-based VC RedBlue Capital, and will use the funds to complete its production-ready factory outside of Delhi in 1Q22 and scale up production to meet growing demand. (TechCrunch, India Times, Live Mint)



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