Apple AR/VR Coming in summer’23?


Apple is reportedly preparing to unveil its AR/VR “mixed” reality headset at in Jun 2023, and the company is working to create appealing app experiences to encourage people to adopt the device. Apple is planning to adapt iPad apps for the headset, and users will be able to access existing App Store content through the 3D interface of the device. Apple-designed apps such as Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Home, Files, Messages, Notes, Photos, Music, Reminders, and other built-in apps will be optimized for the device. Multiple apps will be able to be run at one time, and there will be a geolocation aspect for swapping between apps when the user is in different rooms. A Fitness+ app will allow users to exercise while watching the Fitness+ instructor in a virtual reality setting, and there will be a Health app for guiding users through meditations with graphics, sounds, and voice-overs. (GizChina, MacRumors, Bloomberg)

Sony has announced that the company sold 6.3M Playstation 5 (PS5) in 4Q22, compared to 2M units in same period of 2021. That brings its total for fiscal year 2022 to 19.1M, handily beating its own forecast of 18M. The company has now sold 38.4M PS5s since the console was released in late 2020. (Engadget, GizChina, Sony)



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