This article compares Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and Time of Flight (ToF) for LiDAR. In summary, FMCW is better in longer term but ToF is still better now.

What are FMCW and ToF?

Lidar can take on several different modalities, which can be classified by their dependence on incoherence or coherence of the laser…

2W1H and 6S


  • put yourself in customer’s Shoes,
  • Scope up the problem


  • explore Solutions through idealization and brainstorming,
  • Start small by prototyping and building MVP


  • approaching killer products by Scrutinizing the prototypes and MVP and measuring the matrix,
  • Scaling up implementing and launching the product and improving based on customers’…

With global unit shipment growth rates of cellphones, automobiles, and PCs showing maturity and slowing over the past 10 years, the disparity between the 3.5% 2011–2021 CAGR registered in the electronic systems market and 6.5% 2011–2021 CAGR displayed by the semiconductor market is directly due to the increasing content/value of…

Apple reportedly visited South Korea in Dec 2021 to meet with companies Interested in an electronic parts manufacturers with experience in mass production. Some companies have formed a ‘Task Force’ and are actively responding. The domestic parts industry has started a war to enter the supply chain management (SCM) of…

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