tof3D Sensing: Behind OLED 3D Imaging By trinamiX

trinamiX captures not only a 2D picture and a 3D depth map of the face, but also checks for “live skin” to recognize liveness in real-time. Spoofing the unlock system of a smartphone with a realistic full-face mask, 3D sculpture or even a detailed 2D printout becomes virtually impossible.

The hardware consists of just a standard CMOS sensor and a NIR light projector. The complete system can be mounted behind the smartphone display. The previously required smartphone notch is made obsolete.

We are very pleased to usher in this new era together with the smartphone OEMs,” says Stefan Metz, Director 3D Imaging at trinamiX. “ With our technology, users will no longer have to compromise as they benefit from the most secure privacy protection without sacrificing a user-friendly all-screen display.

Trinamix currently has 150 employees.

We focus on material classification for smartphones,” Metz said. “ That means we can tell if it is human skin or something else, like plastic.