3D Imaging: Ecosystem Companies


This is a list of ecosystem companies for 3D imaging/CIS, not the image sensor companies. The list is based on inputs from markets [1] and will be extended. Please email me if any new info.

3D Camera Companies using off-the-shelf sensors

Chronoptics — New Zealand-based ToF cameras using Softkinetic and PMD sensors
Duo3D — stereo camera
EPIX has a stereo camera Silicon Video 2KS
eyeSight — software-only for TI OMAP
Fotonic — ToF cameras maker, apparently based on Canesta sensors
Intel Labs RGB-D, OASIS, Bonfire
Inuitive — Raanana, Israel-based, structured light camera and depth image processor
Grix — Zurich, Switzerland based 3D imaging company. Founded in Jan. 2013.
Huajie IMI — China, structured light camera
InVision — Yokneam, Israel based company working with structured light 3D approach. Acquired by Intel.
Mantis Vision
Optex B.V. — based in Netherlands, ZC-1000 ToF Camera
Sightec — software-only
Photonis — makes very fast microchannel plate shutter, 200ps exposure, 120ps rise/fall time
Point Grey Bumblebee stereo environment
Primesense, acquired by Apple
SD Optics, Korea-based fast MEMS lens company
Scorpion Vision — stereo cameras based, owned by Tordivel, Norway
TYZX — stereo cameras, acquired by Intel
Vision Components (VC) — Germany-based maker of VC nano 3D laser scanning camera with um resolution
VRmagic — Germany-based laser scanning 3D camera with micron resolution for machine vision apps
XTR 3D — software-only for TI OMAP
ZRRO — 3D multitouch solutions

3D gesture recognition HW/SW vendors:

Elliptic Labs — Oslo, Norway-based, uses ultrasound to create 3D picture for gesture recognition.
Chirp Microsystems — UCB spin-off, ultrasound-based.
Omek Interactive — acquired by Intel in July 2013.
Pebbles Interfaces

Other 3D Imaging ISP/IP Companies

eyeSight — Gesture recognition on regular 2D camera, partners with Ceva
Flashscan3D — 3D fingerprint scanner
IDENT Technology — 3D gesture recognition based on electric field sensor
LinX Imaging — Multi-aperture camera for 3D, HDR, re-focussing, etc.
MVTec — Germany based software vendor offering Halcon stereo camera to 3D conversion SW
Nippon Signal — laser ranging 3D depth mapping camera with MEMS mirror
Omek Interactive — 3D middleware for ToF and structured light sensors
Silicon Labs — ambient light sensor with gesture recognition option
Sofica Oy — Finland-based camera testing software startup, founded in 2009
Touchless Biometric Systems — 3D fingerprint scanners
TST Biometrics — 3D fingerprint scanners
Xiroku — 3D optical touch screen systems

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